Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Hide from the Rain!

It's a bit early in the week for me to do a post, but the title of this post suggests what I am writing this about. This morning, about 5 Goldfinches were feeding on the neighbour's lawn, which is quite a good sighting for our area, but are getting more regular in our garden. Our Blue Tits did go 3 days without laying an egg, but at last, the fourth egg was laid. The delay was probably because of the weather. But this torrential weather has obviously not stopped the birds popping out at the East Anglian sites, as Bitterns, Ring Ouzels and Cuckoos are all being brave.

As normal, not a great amount of birds has been seen on the way up to school, or even back from school. Hope the weather improves and speak to you soon.


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