Sunday, 1 April 2012

Foreign Glory with Birds!

This was a school organised trip by my School, where about 40 Pupils were to go to France, La boulboule to be exact, and a weeks trip of Volcanoes. I did take a lot of interest, but I was always keeping an eye out for the birds.

I am not going to read out the hole list because I will be here all day. Black Redstart was a common feature to the French hills, and were very perky to our presence. White Wagtail replaced the Pied Wagtail in abundance, but the Pied's still breed. The same applies to the Treecreepers, with Short-toed being seen more than the Common. House Martin were very common, but Swallows were a bit late to show. This Female Serin (pictured top) was near a Castle we visited. Also a passage Osprey was flying low over a lake. Near this Osprey, a Great-Grey Shrike was sitting in the top of a Pine Tree, but then flew off. On a farm where cheese was made, a Cirl Bunting, (pictured middle) was singing in a tree.

Overall, about 3 Firecrests were dotted about, including 2 out of our Bedroom Window. A few Black Kites, Short-toed Eagles and Raven were all showing too, and Chiffchaff were present as well.

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