Saturday, 14 April 2012


Having a lesson at my local golf course this morning meant that I couldn't look for birds as much as I could on the course. I could have gone round the 18 hole course, but we had to go and get a curtain rail for our living room so that was a no-no. A few weeks back, I realized that there were a Common Buzzard pair that have been nesting in the broad-leafed woodland area. I have been looking over towards the woods every golfing day, but today it did not show. Rattling of Mistle Thrush's were putting me off my golf shots, and the puewing of a Nuthatch didn't help, but I still hit some good shots.

After me having my part done, and the other boys still to go, a Goldcrest was singing it's sibling song in the bushes behind me, and a chiffchaff was in the woods too, but both staying hidden. No proper birds to report, but hopefully tomorrow.

While driving to get are curtain rail, locally, a Sand Martin flew past the road and over towards the stream, and shortly after, a Grey Wagtail, (first of the year, same with the Sand Martin) sat on a roadside barn roof, then flew over our van, incredible. Lots of Kestrels on the A14, and a pair of Buzzards too.


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