Saturday, 6 July 2013

Isle of Mull - Final Day

The Final Day of Mull was a bit of a miserable one in terms of weather. Most of the time it was OK, just overcast, misty and the odd shower. We went to Beach - "Beak" - to try for the Adder, and the possibility of getting a Dipper on the river. We started off with a nice Whinchat, but it's not the greatest picture.

We then went to the top of the river, when Dad spotted a Dipper feeding a bit further down. We couldn't get any closer, so that was a shame.

We then went looking for the Adders, when I found one in a tussock of grass.

We then went down to Fidden again, maybe seeing the Tree Sparrow again. No sign of that, but we did get a cracking Skylark.

In the evening, we stayed up late at the back of Loch Scridain, to look for the Otters. We got cracking views of at least two fishing. Light was awful though.

We then got great views of a male Hen Harrier to end the day

Great to see Murray in the Wimbledon Final. He is doing well. Hopefully this time he will win. Fingers crossed.

Happy Birding!