Garden Species List

This is a list of all the Garden species we've had viewed from our garden. I have tried to write down details of the day the bird was sighted, and some pictures are included.

Cormorant - Rarely Seen
Grey Heron - Annual Sightings

Grey Heron on neighbors roof

Mute Swan - Rarely Seen
Greylag Goose - Very Occasional Flocks fly over
Canada Goose - Very Occasional Flocks fly over
Mallard - Very Common and daily seen
Osprey - 1 Sighting Only - Gliding distantly
Red Kite - 1 Sighting Only - Seen overhead on 27th May 2012
Common Buzzard - Very Occasional Sightings
Sparrowhawk - Regular, Almost daily sightings
Goshawk - 2 Records - latest was recently over front
Kestrel - Occasional Birds Seen hovering over back
Pheasant - Rare Visitor into Garden
Moorhen - Rare. One viewed by Mum on the fence!
Lapwing - Very Rare
Curlew - 6 Flew over in mid September 2012
Black-headed Gull - Common Visitor
Common Gull - 1 Sighting on roof with Black-heads.
Herring Gull - Very Common
Great-Black-backed Gull - Very Common
Lesser-Black backed Gull - Common Summer Visitor
Stock Dove - Annual Pair visit Garden

One of 2 Regular in Garden

Woodpidgeon - Very Common
Collard Dove - Very Common
Swift - Common Summer Visitor
Green Woodpecker - On in front garden about 5 years ago, now sometimes heard over back. Rarely seen.
Great-Spotted Woodpecker - One in garden this year from late July to early August. 

Great-Spotted Woodpecker in Garden 2012

Skylark - Occasionally seen distantly over farm
Meadow Pipit - 6 flew over in mid September 2012
Swallow - Common Summer Visitor
House Martin - Common Summer Visitor
Pied Wagtail - Sometimes seen over garden
Wren - Regular but not daily sightings
Dunnock - Common in winter
Robin - Commonly Seen
Song Thrush - Rare in Garden, frequently seen further up the road
Redwing - Mixed flock with Fieldfare Jan 2012
Mistle Thrush - Rare.
Fieldfare - Mixed Flock with Redwing Jan 2012
Blackbird - Very Common.
Blackcap - one or 2 sightings ever

5th April 2014

Lesser Whitethroat - One down the road 2013 
Whitethroat - One sighting, down the road 2013
Willow Warbler - One in Aug 2012. Rare.

Willow Warbler in Red Tree Aug 2012

Chiffchaff - One in Aug 2012. Rare.

Chiffchaff in Garden Aug 2012

Goldcrest - One sighting, 2010 in bush by the window
Great Tit - Very Common.
Blue Tit - Very Common
Coal Tit - A period where 2 were present in winter spring time 2011-12

Coal Tit in tree 2011

Long-tailed Tit - Occasional flocks of 5+ come through
Magpie - 2012 was a good year around the close
Jay - One Sighting. Down the road, flew across the road.
Jackdaw - Flocks can be seen, but rare.
Rook - Commonly seen flying over
Carrion Crow - Commonly seen flying over.
Starling - Common in Garden. Roosts in flocks of 100+.
House Sparrow - Extremely Common.
Tree Sparrow - One present in March 2013

Chaffinch - Very Common
Brambling - Very Rare. A Pair in winter of 2010 was in tree.

Pair of Brambling - 2010

Linnet - Regularly seen over house in small flocks
Goldfinch - Good numbers are present most days
Greenfinch - Common Visitors to Garden feeders
Siskin - Very Rare. 2008 winter saw 20 birds on feeders.
Bullfinch - Very Rare. 2010 winter saw 3 birds in trees around feeders.

Birds will be updated when firsts come in. Thank you.

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