Saturday, 8 February 2014


Visited my Grandmother with Mum this afternoon in Ipswich, so I managed to persuade Mum to take a detour to see the Waxwings that have taken up residence on the way back. We started at Derby Road, where they were reported, but didn't see anything. We then continued on to Lattice Avenue. Didn't see any there either. We then went to Heath Road, and again we didn't see anything. We thought our luck was out. We continued on to Bixley Road and I spotted 8 birds sitting in the trees. They were Waxwings. We pulled up, and I crossed the busy road, and walked right underneath the birds, so I could get pictures. Incredibly tame and great birds....

Happy Birding!

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  1. Hi Ben great pics mate , i have tweeted blog post which you can check @RobsBirding if you want to , as for quiz its a Hawk but not Goshawk lol