Saturday, 8 February 2014

Saturdays Sightings!

Suffolk Bird Sightings!
probable SPOTTED SANDPIPER still viewable from Dock Point, Landguard though distant
Waxwing x 8 at Bixley Road, Ipswich (BCM)
Waxwing x 3 at Derby Road, Ipswich
Bewick's Swan x 3 still at Gillingham Marshes
Great Northern Diver, Little Gull x 2 at Ness Point
Great Skua x 3, Blue Fulmar, Snow Bunting x 6 at Landguard
Rough-legged Buzzard over Sudbourne
Greenland White-fronted Goose x 2 still at North Warren
Purple Sandpiper x 12 still at Ness Point
Smew x 2 still at Minsmere

Other News!
**MEGA** MYRTLE WARBLER again at undisclosed site, Co. Durham
**MEGA** AMERICAN COOT still at Loch Flemington, Highland

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  1. Hi Ben great try on quiz , sorry its not Goshawk ,your on the right path but this bird is slightly smaller , your welcome to have another go if you want to , oh by the way if your agreeable i will tweet your blog trip posts on my twitter page if thats ok ? no prob if you would rather i didn't :-)