Sunday, 23 February 2014

3rd Time Lucky!!!

Dad asked me this morning if I wanted to try for the Tree Sparrows at Ampton again, as I had a rough idea of where I was going this time, I obviously said yes. We got there and found 2 Tree Sparrows on 1 feeder that we could see, but where were the other 60 odd? We drove up into a gap past the 1st feeder, and there were toones of Tree Sparrows on about 10 feeders in this garden. It was incredible. At least 60 birds present, the most I have ever seen at one time. I had a search through the flock, as a Mealy Redpoll was reported in the morning, and there it was, on the front feeder. It didn't stay for long enough though as we hadn't got the cameras ready yet, so it flew off with 1 Lesser Redpoll, so no photo. We then started taking pictures. We also got a Brambling amongst the flock....

Happy Birding!

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