Monday, 27 August 2012

A Few Highlights!

A couple more Stowmarket Golf Tournaments gone by, and even when I play pants, the birds produce great sightings. On Friday, it was Stowmarket vs Haverhill, so, it was formatted in a Ryder cup way, called Match-play. There were 4 matches, and me and my playing partner won our game 5 and 3, which means, the other team couldn't beat us with 3 holes to play. That was the highest score of the day. We were over the moon. The final score was 2 each, so the match was tied. Anyway, on the 16th Hole, there are some dense trees on the left of the putting green. I happened to spot one of the local Tawny Owls roosting up againts a tree. Fantastic. I didn't see him with his putter though :)

Back in the Garden, we have had both the Chiffchaffs and a Willow Warbler back in the garden every day, but the Willow Warbler not quite so frequent.

Chiffchaff in the Garden taken on Sunday

A nice Peacock Butterfly shew well on Sunday

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