Thursday, 16 August 2012

A Day in the Garden!

My Grandmother came over for Sunday Lunch, so we sat in the Garden all day with my camera, binoculars and sightings book. It was an incredible day, with a few firsts too. Here's our garden, where all the wildlife was....

Our Garden
And here's what we saw....

Migrant Hawker, thanks James

Holy Blue Butterfly

Peacock Butterfly

Common Frog

Then, some swallows were flying over all in alarm. I happened to turn the corner, and this is what we saw....

We thought that it was a Goshawk at the time, because with great views, it had extremely slow wing beats, and the extensive white patch under the tail was showing well. After a while it had cleared off, but then, we let our rabbits out for a run in the garden.

Sooty - the Grey one
Jeri - the Brown one
Happy Birding!


  1. I'm afraid the dragonfly is a Migrant Hawker. Common Hawkers are quite rare in East Anglia, whilst migrants are common in summer and are known for settling nicely in gardens. They look similar, but the clincher on your photo is the yellow 'golf tee' mark on section 1 (near the wings) and the round spots on the thorax near the eyes. Still, sounds like a good day in the garden!

    All the best,

  2. Sorry about that, I will change that. I just thought that it would be a common. Cheers. Ben.

  3. Absolutely no need to apologise, it's all part of the learning process!