Monday, 20 August 2012

2 More Great Garden Migrants

From Saturday, the weather has really picked up in temperature, and with a bit of a south-easterly, its dragging in migrants across the country. Since Friday, I have been sitting in the garden all day, just writing down what I have been seeing. At least 3 Sparrowhawks, 10 Linnets, 30 Goldfinch, Green Woodpecker - a good sighting - Swallows and House Martins, Swifts and many other birds. Saturday morning I heard a "pueet" noise of 2 different tempos. I had my bins and camera, ready for it to appear. After about 2 hours, I located it in next doors big tree, and then, it merged into our bushes by evening. It was a Willow Warbler, incredible, a first for the Garden. I managed to get a picture and a video.....

Willow Warbler in our Red Tree.

Willow Warbler

Sunday morning was a much earlier start than usual, getting up at 6am. In my dressing gown, I wondered outside for any reappearance of the Willow Warbler. Sadly, it had moved on. But something else caught my eye. Another "pueet" came from the brambles, much higher pitched and at a higher tempo. I grabbed my bins from the utility and realized it was a different warbler, it was a Chiffchaff! Unfortunately, it was a bit camera shy, but it is still lingering about the area, coming into the garden after every hour or so, particularly in the evening........

This is the best I got I'm afraid. You can see his legs.

Onto other wildlife in the garden now, and another first was a Jay, which flew across the road about 0.2 miles up the road from us. This is the first ever Jay we've had in the area. The Migrant hawker still lingers. And yesterday (19th) we had this in the garden.....

Possibly a female Banded Damoseille.

Going to Norfolk on Thursday with Jim - - so I shall update you with that. Happy Birding. 

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