Wednesday, 16 October 2013


Very jealous of Dad today. As  I was at school, Dad only went to Lackford Lakes and saw these 2 beauties....

Can you see it?

If you don't know what they are, they are Jack Snipes. Even me saying the bird's name makes my fists clench. I have never seen these birds before, and I they have been my target bird for ages. I'm just going to end this part of the post now, and move onto Landguard (well done Dad, not amused.)


Dad and I went to Landguard on Saturday just gone. Our target bird was Ring Ouzel, but we were actually expecting a bird on the common, not flying over the road. Well, as we approached the Port of Felixstowe, on the A14, a Black bird with silver primaries and secondaries flew into the road side cover. Dad didn't see it because he was driving, but I had never seen a male blackbird have that much silver on it's wings in flight. It had to be a Ring Ouzel.

We arrived at Landguard, and spoke to one of the wardens. He had had 2 Leach's Petrels, 9 Ring Ouzel and a Bonxie earlier in the morning. This was now 12:30 pm. Most off the stuff had gone. He did say though that a Whinchat was at the southern most point. So we headed that way. Dad took to the sea - that's his aspect of birding - and I took to the migrant passerines - that's my aspect. I was on my own. I found myself 3 Wheatear....

Meadow Pipit for comparison.

I also find myself a flock of Linnet and Meadow Pipits, and then the Whinchat briefly. I only saw it once though, then it was gone. I then spoke to a gentlemen, and asked him if he had seen any Ring Ouzels. He said he had 3 in the bushes around the building about 30 mins ago. So, I went over there and had a look. Guess what I saw....................... NOTHING! I then headed back to the common, and came face to face with a Goldfinch perched nicely.

I then met back up with Dad on the beach. he didn't have anything, apart from a flock of Ducks sitting offshore. They were Common Scoters. He shew them to me, then a Red-throated Diver flew straight across my vision. It was distant, but I managed to show Dad. We then went back to the common, and I found a peculiar thrush on the ground. I went to investigate. It was a Redwing. I whistled Dad over, and we snapped away....

We then went back to the car park, and headed home.

My Sightings Today
  • 70+ Redwing around Stowupland in separate flocks, including one briefly in garden!!!!!
  • 10+ Long-tailed Tit's in Garden this afternoon.

Happy Birding!

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