Sunday, 16 September 2012

Recent Sightings

Not much to add in this post, but just a few recent sightings and some catch-up on British Bird News. Yesterday, Dad and I got back from seeing my Nanna and Dad spotted a massive bird of prey going over the house. I raced in, grabbed my binoculars and my camera, and had a look. I think it was probably a Buzzard, although it was a long way away by the time of id. It may have even been an Osprey, because it wouldn't have been the first time.

Thursday evening, at 7:30 I filmed this outside my bedroom window...

A Probable Pipistrelle Bat.

Also, the Chiffchaff was seen on Friday and Yesterday during daylight, not singing yet, that being a good sign of a all year stayer?


Hopefully going Golfing this afternoon, so an update on that if anything unusual is seen.

Plenty of Pectoral Sandpipers are dominating East Anglia, with ones at Titchwell, Cley, Salthouse, Hickling Broad in Norfolk, and Minsmere in Suffolk. Also, the Barred Warbler at Holme Dunes, Norfolk, with a Glossy Ibis in Cambridge. We are tempted to go down Minsmere way to try and catch the Juvenile Montagu's Harrier that's hopping about on the coast if it still lingers. The Spanish Sparrow is still putting in a few less appearances at Landguard, Suffolk, but that's looking tempting too. Happy Birding.


  1. Hi Ben it must be amazing to have bats in your garden , have you ever tried throwing a stone in the air ( being very careful not to hit them )when they are flying around ? as they often dive bomb them thinking they are food . cheers Rob

    1. No I haven't Rob, but the only problem is that my throwing in the air skills are rubbish, so I better not try it, but I'll get my Dad to do it. Cheers, Ben