Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Norfolk - Last Day

A 6am start in the morning is never easy, especially when you've had a late night. We made the effort Saturday morning to reach Cley at about 8am. That was about right, and we parked in the East Bank car park, and headed straight up to the beach. The winds weren't like Friday, strong north. So, there weren't any Skuas or Shearwaters here. What we did see though was about 100 Gannets, a flock of Spotted Redshank, and the odd Dunlin flying past.

Gannets flying west

Other birds at Cley that morning were a single Spoonbill, Little Egret, Marsh Harrier and a possible Osprey at Arnolds Marsh, but nothing was on the board so it was a no.

We then got a text from our "rare bird alert" Jim that a juvenile Red-backed Shrike was seen yesterday at Gramborough Hill, at Salthouse. We didn't know if it was about today, but we couldn't even find the place. But it didn't matter, because the Shrike wasn't there on Saturday, because it got chased off by some dogs!

We thought we then move down the coast towards Blakeney, trying to get a trip out to the point. We tried Beans Boat Trips. They didn't do trips out to the point for a stay, only for the seals. So we went on that (they done trips out to the point a week later for nesting birds sake). Here's what we got.

Oystercatchers at Morston

Common and Grey Seals

All very cute!

We then moved on to Titchwell, and we had a look in the visitor center to see what was about. The highlight  had to be a Purple Sandpiper on the buildings on the Beach. This lifted my head right up. I had always wanted to see one of these birds. So, we got straight up to the Beach. When we reached there, thee was about 30 people watching out to sea - not at the sandpiper? We got there and saw that the Purple Sandpiper was hapily feeding on the building, so people would think that it was not even there. I was mega chuffed! Pictures, a Video, what more can you ask for....

Purple Sandpiper at Titchwell Marsh

Another first was a very distant Arctic Skua that a man spotted, and he only just managed to see it through his scope, let alone my bins! A quick video from Sunday morning as some Turnstone's, a Common Gull and a Yellow-legged Gull was on the rocks amongst other Herring Gulls.....

Common Gull at Sea Palling

Yellow-legged Gull at Sea Palling
When looking at this bird through the scope, it had yellow legs, then it flew back out to sea.

Turnstone's at Sea Palling


  1. Hi Ben,
    nice work with the Purple Sand- one of my favourite birds and funnily enough I remember seeing one on the beach at Titchwell around this time of year.
    Can't believe the sea did not deliver! There was one evening (the Thursday I think) when it was supposedly amazing, other than that not a lot doing!)

  2. Hi Jim, Thanks for the help with birdnews in the area. As you say, a pitty about the seabirds. On the Friday, winds were northern, on Saturday, winds were western, not good for seabirds. Hope to see you soon. ben x