Sunday, 23 September 2012

A Blog Post, at Last!

On Sunday afternoon, after coming back from Golf, I was in the garden hitting a tennis ball on the side of the house with a racket when I heard the alarming call of Meadow Pipit coming over my head. I looked up and saw 6 of them flying over towards Ipswich. These were firsts for the garden, so this will be updated on the Garden List page, so look out for that.

Then, I came home from school on Tuesday and Dad said that he had seen 6 Curlews fly over the house which I was absolutely gobsmacked at, and this is actually the first ever wader specie ever to be observed near the house. Superb!

Friday evening, we were watching the Masterchef Final, when a grey fury friend ran across the fence, followed by his mate. They were Grey Squirrels. 

The local sparrows weren't bothered at all.

Grey Squirrel Friday evening

Grey Squirrel Saturday Morning

Saturday was a golfing day, with a bit of birding in with it too. I got off to a good start when a couple of Jays came up from the roadside. A few Bullfinches were in the roadside bushes. I didn't get off to a good start with a double bogey, but followed that with a par regained myself. After being 4 and 3 over par at different points, I managed to regain myself both times to come level par. And I finished level handicap so that was great. Going round, a calling Little Owl was unusual, and a big passerine flock containing Goldcrest, Treecreeper, Long-tailed Tit, Marsh Tit and Bullfinch. The final action was a fantastic Buzzard that flew right over our heads and we got great views.

The Chiffchaff proving to be quite elusive in the garden now, but I reckon over 20 were at Cretingham yesterday, so they were good to watch. Always, I was checking for a Yellow-browed Warbler as there was over 70 in the British Isles yesterday. 

I also collected another egg shell yesterday, which dad thinks it could be a partridge or pheasant. I shall put a picture of this on next week. 

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