Thursday, 29 May 2014

Meeting SIR (should be) Chris Packham!!!

On Monday, Dad and I was at Minsmere, as I had my induction day to become a volunteer. So, Dad obviously went round the reserve for the 3 hours I was getting a tour.

He saw some good stuff, and took some cracking pictures. He got a stonking Bittern outside Bittern Hide and Bearded Tits outside Island Mere...

After I finished my induction day, I caught him up on the scrape. I got Arctic and Sandwich Terns onto the year list, plus all the usual suspects. 

We also got a flock of Kittiwakes on the scrape too

We then went back via the Springwatch Base, and managed to get a glimpse of Chris, Michaela and Martin

And then, they all walked towards us, and I managed to picture with Chris. OMG!!!


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