Sunday, 26 January 2014

Christchurch Park!

Yesterday afternoon Dad and I went to Christchurch Park. We parked near the Wilderness Pond, and didn't see the Goosander, but saw 3 of the cracking local Mandarin Ducks....

We were surprised to see the numbers of rats running around the pond - pretty disgusting really. We then went and tried to find the Tawny Owl. We didn't know what tree "Mable" roosts in - the Tawny Owls name. We searched most trees, but gave, up so we went in the visitor center and asked for help. She pointed out the exact tree on the map, and within 5 minutes, we found the Owl, with Barry Woodhouse - nice to meet you Barry! This was my first daytime Tawny Owl - what a treat!

We then went back to the Wilderness Pond, and found the Goosander, and it showed really well.

We couldn't stay here long though, because we had to go and see my Grandma in hospital, who is now walking, which is great news! Hope she is out of hospital soon!

Happy Birding!

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  1. Hi Ben , Great blog post and pics especially the Tawny Owl , oh on the quiz your right its a pipit , the habitat is a clue for which type if you fancy another go :-)