Sunday, 11 August 2013

Lackford Lakes' Butterfly's

On the Wednesday just gone, Dad and I visited Lackford Lakes again to see how many Butterfly's we could count, and then every butterfly we saw, we had to take a photo of it. We got 16 possibly 17 species of Butterfly around the reserve, which is amazing. We got the more than one of the wardens! Here we go...


Green-veined White

Brown Argus



2 Peacock

Meadow Brown

Large White

Speckled Wood


Red Admiral

Large White

Not Sure

Some sort of Moth


Loads of Corvids

Large Skipper

Poss. Silver-spotted Skipper

I know these are very rare but it's the only thing I can relate it to. Your help please!

Small Skipper


Small Tortoishell

Painted Lady

A Tail-less Small White

Another Large Skipper with a Bumblebee


And finally, Red Admiral

Birds of note included Green Sandpiper and a calling Kingfisher.

If you know I have miss identified one of the butterfly's or you know one that I didn't, please comment your views. As you may have seen, a Great-spotted Woodpecker visited our peanuts yesterday, but no sign today. This is a different individual to last years, because last years had no red cap, where this one has. Picture on previous post.

Hopefully going to Bradfield Woods on Monday for White Admiral and Silver-washed Fritillary.

Happy Birding!


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    1. Think i will just stick to birds great pictures though

  2. Hi Ben,

    I am afraid your 'not sure' is a Meadow Brown- they do vary a lot. The Skipper is almost certainly a large Skipper. Silver-spotted are restricted to chalk downlands of Somerset and Southern England. You are right to question this Butterfly as it is very interesting, but if you Google Large Skipper images you will see that in a certain light the underside can show a spotty effect, particularly I think of females. I would still stick the picture (or a link to it) on this thread and see what others say: You have to sign up first but it only takes a minute.

    Good luck at Bradfield Woods- they have Dormice there! And who knows maybe that Roller will still be around when you come to Norfolk.