Saturday, 7 December 2013

Coastal Devastation

Thursday Night bought total devastation to places all the way along the North Norfolk coast. The A149 is flooded from Cley to Salthouse, with Hemsby, Snettisham, Titchwell and Holme being hit awful buy the storm, the latter being least affected. Cley NWT is shut, but the visitor center is now open. Titchwell has just about got away with it, but the beach and dunes area are destroyed, and I believe that Snettisham is still Closed.

The Grey Seal pups have been washed away, with 263 pups lost at Horsey. That's horrible news. I would presume that about the same are lost at Blakeney, with this place being completely hammered by the water. I think a majority of Freshwater places along the Norfolk Coast are now Saltwater, which will kill hundreds of fish living in there.

The hides at Cley are nearly all underwater, and the reedbed is almost no-more.

Sheringham sea watching hut has been washed away, so my dream of sea watching in the hut at Sheringham will be no more. :(

Hemsby locals that lived on the cliffs have had to evacuate, as some of the houses have been washed ashore, some even going out to sea. It's a shocking picture to think, let alone see.

I hope that the reserves will open soon, and that things will be back to normal. However, I realize that everything will not be exactly as it is. Reed beds will have to be re-grown, and hides will have to be re-built. I hope everyone is OK.

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