Thursday, 25 April 2013

Catching Up!

Really sorry about the delay of blog updates. I shall start off when we all went to the Tesco in Stowmarket on the 19th April to see the wagtail roost, as up-to 3 of each Yellow and White had been included with the Pieds. We waited about 10 minutes, and in they came. We immediately spotted a Yellow Wagtail fairly close to the van. A couple of White Wagtails stayed distant.

We all then headed for a bit of local birding on Sunday, going to Bosmere and Alderson Lakes. The Great-crested Grebe was on the nest, and I have also found a Canada Goose and Blue Tit nest which seem active, so I'll keep an eye on them. Wildlife at Bosmere included 

Blackcap (new for the year),  
2 Tufted Duck, 
2 Great-crested Grebe, 
Peacock Butterfly, 
House Martin, 
Grey Heron,
Green Woodpecker

A shy but vocal Blackcap




We then went to Alderson Lake, and we saw;

Willow Warbler x 4
Tufted Duck x 2
Great-crested Grebe x 2

There has been a vocal Lesser Whitethroat near my bustop for about 3 days now every morning when I get the bus, but I haven't had the chance to see it. So I went to go and see if I could find it this evening. I got decent views when it came out into the open, but not good enough views for a pic. Got Common Whitethroat this morning by the other bus top with my first Swift flying over.

Happy Birding!

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