Saturday, 8 December 2012

Incredible and Amazing!

After looking on Rare Bird Alert at 1:10pm, it said that there were 18 Waxwings in Stowmarket in the Cedars Estate. That is a minutes drive away from us. I told dad, and he agreed to go down with me to see if they were there. Boy were they! Enjoy the photo stream!

12 of them!

Probably the best one!

A bit blurred!

A Video of them feeding!

After 5 minutes, we drove back home, and got mum to bring her (better) camera to take some pics. When we got there, they were still there, but not showing as close as before. But hey, still some great pics from mum! As I say, these are what mum took....

Good aren't they?

Other birds about in the garden today was the sparrowhawk again briefly, with a Coal Tit too...

You never know, the waxwings might come into the garden as were so close. I'll let you know if they do. Off on a boat trip on the Stour Estuary RSPB tomorrow, so hopefully some good birds can show as they did last year - we saw Red-necked Grebe and Black-throated Diver last year!

Happy Birding!


  1. Excellent Waxwings , which i also think are amazing , my fav pics are No. 5 and 10 . cheers Rob

    1. Cheers rob, there my favourite too. Best ever views of Waxwings I have had. Cheers again

  2. Get some apples in the garden for the Waxwings. Great pictures too.